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Chris Arvanitakis

Christos Arvanitakis was born on 10/1/1973 in Paxos where he lives and lives permanently. From an early age he began to work in the field of construction, as a simple unskilled laborer, and then he was specialized by old experienced craftsmen in the art of stone and traditional plaster.

Since 1999, he has built his own personal business under the name of Christos Arvanitakis in the field of renovation and repair of existing building-houses and immediately afterwards he continues in the construction of new homes, repairs of old stone houses, swimming pools and landscaping with his own experienced craftsmen and machinery with the collaboration of civil engineers.

With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience in Paxos, Paxosconstructor continues his personal business by constructing remarkable constructions in Paxos.

Christos Arvanitakis
Construction & Villas Management
Paxos Island, 49082, Greece
Mobile: +306976618496